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Nails key points test

Match the photos Mix and match [table]: : Beau's line || Myocardial infarction 4 months earlier interrupted nail growth : Pitting || Parallel lines of pitting due to alopecia areata : Onycholysis || Idiopathic lifting of nail plate off nail bed, perhaps drug-related : White superficial onychomycosis || Proximal superficial chalky nail destruction due to T. interdigitale infection Match the photos Mix and match [table]: : Splinter haemorrhage || Vasculitis results in emboli in nail bed capillaries : Paronychia || Acute herpetic inflamed nail fold : Ungual melanoma || Melanoma is resulting in several widening bands of irregular pigmentation : Subungual haematoma || Subungual haemorrhage resulting in diffuse red, purple and black discolouration under and within the nail plate