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Photosensitivity diagnostic challenge

Match each picture with the correct diagnosis:

Match the photos Mix and match: [table] : Sunburn || erythema, early tanning and peeling due to acute phototoxicity (sunburn) : Photodermatitis || photodistributed eczematous dermatitis : Discoid lupus erythematosus || erythematous scaly plaques on cheeks, nose and lips with scarring : Porphyria cutanea tarda || blisters, skin fragility and milia on dorsum of fingers Match the photos Mix and match: [table] : Actinic reticuloid || well demarcated erythematous and markedly thickened plaques sparing furrows : Sunburn || Erythema and early tanning sparing areas covered by clothing : Pellagra || erythematous scaly eruption on forearms with well demarcated and peeling edge : Drug-induced phototoxicity || well demarcated photodistributed dusky-coloured sunburn-like eruption. Note sparing of skin shadowed by ear