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Vasculitis diagnostic challenge

Match each picture with the correct diagnosis:

Mix and match: [table] : Urticarial vasculitis || persistent urticarial plaque : Polyarteritis nodosa || angular livedo pattern overlying arterial nodules : Urticarial vasculitis || erythematous plaques resolving within days to leave purpura : Polyarteritis nodosa || angular shaped purpura overlying arterial nodules : Capillaritis || pigmented purpura in large patches is called lichen aureus : Hypersensitivity vasculitis || eruption of palpable purpura as papules and plaques : Capillaritis || pigmented purpura in macules is called Schamberg’s disease : Hypersensitivity vasculitis || acute purpuric eruption may also be due to hypergammaglobulinaemia